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PWCS is a licensed general building and engineering contractor who prides itself in delivering exceptional quality construction of commercial buildings including mulit-family construction and renovations, industrial tilt-ups, life science buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, religious buildings as well as public projects and various specialty builds throughout California. Our team is comprised of professionals with decades of experience and knowledge.




At Pacific West Construction and Engineering, we envision a future where our projects set new standards, positively impact communities, and leave a lasting legacy of excellence and positive community impact.




Pacific West Construction and Engineering, is on a mission to be the industry leader in specialty commercial construction, delivering projects that reflect our relentless commitment to safety, craftsmanship, and client satisfaction.


  1. Integrity: Upholding the highest ethical standards in all our interactions, ensuring transparency, honesty, and trustworthiness.

  2. Excellence: Striving for the highest quality in craftsmanship, project management, and client service to consistently exceed expectations.

  3. Safety: Prioritizing the well-being of our team, clients, and communities by maintaining the highest safety standards on every project.

  4. Innovation: Embracing creativity and adopting cutting-edge technologies to drive innovation in construction processes and project delivery.

  5. Collaboration: Fostering a culture of teamwork, open communication, and collaboration to achieve collective success and build strong, lasting partnerships.

  6. Accountability: Taking ownership of our actions and decisions and being accountable for delivering results that align with our commitments.

  7. Professionalism: Demonstrating a high level of professionalism in all aspects of our work, from appearance to communication and conduct.

  8. Efficiency: Continuously improving our processes and operations to enhance efficiency, reduce waste, and optimize project timelines.

  9. Diversity and Inclusion: Valuing and respecting diversity, fostering an inclusive environment where all individuals are treated with fairness and equality.

  10. Long-Term Vision: Making decisions with a focus on the long-term success and sustainability of the company and its impact on future generations.

  11. Community Engagement: Actively participating in and giving back to the communities where we work, aiming to make a positive impact on local economies and quality of life.

Integrity in Construction, Excellence in Every Detail

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